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Days of Wonder

Small World: Power Pack #2 (ding & dented)

Small World: Power Pack #2 (ding & dented)

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You're looking at an authentic, sealed and brand new copy of Small World: Power Pack #2 (ding & dented)!

This is an expansion to Small World or Small World: Underground, and this is not a standalone game. This requires Small World or Small World: Underground to play.

There is some wear on the top sides of the cover, even if the game is sealed, and the price has been adjusted accordingly. This does not affect the gameplay at all!

Will you choose the poor Cursed Fauns or the mighty Aquatic Priestesses for your next conquests?

Small World: Power Pack 2 includes all eight races and ten special powers from Cursed!, Grand Dames of Small World and the Royal Bonus expansions, along with a tray to store all the tokens.
- BoardGameGeek

This expansion contains the following:

  • 8 race banners
    • fauns
    • goblins
    • igor
    • kobolds
    • nomads
    • priestesses
    • shrubmen
    • white ladies
  • 10 special power badges
    • aquatic
    • behemoth
    • cursed
    • fireball
    • historian
    • hordes of
    • marauding
    • peace loving
    • ransacking
    • were-
  • 42 various tokens
  • 98 race tokens
  • rules
  • a tray to store everything from this power pack
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