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Final Girl Series 1: Slaughter in the Groves

Final Girl Series 1: Slaughter in the Groves

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You're looking at an authentic, sealed and brand new copy of Final Girl Series 1: Slaughter in the Groves!

This is an expansion to Final Girl Series 1, and this is not a standalone game. This requires Final Girl Series 1 to play.

Final Girl Series 1: Slaughter in the Groves Feature Film

Each year, thousands of tourists flock to the "Ancient Groves" in Africa to see ancient and beautiful settings, artifacts, and places of worship. Vacations turn to nightmares when the masked killer, Inkanyamba, arrives to exact revenge on behalf of the gods. Slaughter in the Groves is produced by Evan Derrick with scenes by talented Director of Photography Tumo Mere.

The Core Box, when combined with one of our Feature Film Boxes, has everything you need to play the game. Each Feature Film Box features a unique Killer and and iconic Location, and the more Feature Films you have, the more killer/location combinations you can experience!

Each Feature Film Box is double-sided, with amazingly illustrated covers on the front AND back. Not only that, but the magnetically attached box covers are removable, with the reverse of each functioning as the Killer and Location boards respectively.
- BoardGameGeek

This feature film contains the following:

  • Detachable Killer Board
  • Detachable Location Board
  • 2 Final Girl Cards
  • 2 Action Cards
  • 24 Terror Cards
  • 3 Dark Power Cards
  • 1 Epic Dark Power Card
  • 3 Finale Cards
  • 17 Item Cards
  • 10 Event Cards
  • 5 Setup Cards
  • 5 Various Tokens
  • 2 Rules Sheets
  • 2 Wrath Cards
  • 1 Finale Token
  • 1 Bloodlust Track
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