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Pegasus Spiele

Bonfire (ding & dented)

Bonfire (ding & dented)

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You're looking at an authentic, sealed and brand new copy of Bonfire (ding & dented)!

Designed by: Stefan Feld

Player Count: 1 to 4

Recommended Age: 12 years old

There is a slight dent at the front, right side of the box, and the price has been adjusted accordingly. This does not affect the gameplay at all!

The bonfires are sources of light, energy and warmth created by the guardians of light in order to brighten the cities on the otherwise dark planet. The residents of the cities however, took the bonfires for granted and exploited them for their personal gain. Disappointed the guardians of light retreated and let the bonfires extinguish. The citizens could no longer live in the now dark cities and were forced to leave.

In Bonfire, you are a group of gnomes living close to the cities and you also need and the light of the bonfires. Missing it now, you try yourself to visit the cities and learn how to ignite the bonfires once again: You must visit the guardians of light on their holy islands and ask for tasks to prove your good will. For each completed task, they will re-ignite one extinguished bonfire. Whoever manages to earn the greatest trust from the guardians and manages to brighten their city the most will win the game.
- BoardGameGeek

This popular strategy, fantasy game contains the following:

  • 1 game board
  • 4 player boards
  • 4 action overviews
  • 4 starting tiles
  • 4 extension tiles
  • 66 tasks
  • 72 action tiles
  • 28 portals
  • 28 path tiles
  • 5 countdown tiles
  • 32 fate tiles
  • 40 offering tiles
  • 1 bonfire
  • 4 "0/50" markers
  • 33 gnome cards
  • 4 overview cards
  • 8 cards for solo play
  • 20 guardians
  • 33 novices
  • 57 resources
  • 4 ships
  • 4 score markers
  • 2 rulebooks
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