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Smirk & Dagger

The Night Cage: Shrieking Hollow (Kickstarter)

The Night Cage: Shrieking Hollow (Kickstarter)

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You're looking at an authentic, sealed and brand new copy of The Night Cage: Shrieking Hollow (Kickstarter)!

This is an expansion to The Night Cage, and this is not a standalone game. This requires The Night Cage to play.

This is the standard edition of The Night Cage: Shrieking Hollow from the Kickstarter of Smirk & Dagger! This is equivalent to the New Terrors pledge.

Learn more about the project here:

"You awake in the dark with nothing but a candle and… have you done this before? The déjà vu is less troubling than the change it implies. Was the ground always this unstable around you? When the tunnels crumbled into pits, did they always scream? And why does it feel like those screams are getting closer?"

The Shrieking Hollow is an expansion that adds a new threat and a new space to explore within The Night Cage. A copy of The Night Cagebase game is required to play. Pits now connect Prisoners to the Hollow, where The Other lies in wait. Over the course of play, The Other will rise up out of the Hollow and attack the Prisoners,
destroying any part of the maze it encounters.

If the Prisoners are brave, they can leap into a Pit and fall to the bottom of the Hollow where the dim light of their candles will hold its advance, temporarily. However, they can’t hold it back forever, and Prisoners that stay too close to The Other will be attacked when it lurches toward the flickering light it despises.

If you are looking to increase the dread and horror of the original game, The Shrieking Hollow is for you.
- BoardGameGeek

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